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Council continues push to stamp out graffiti vandalism

Friday, 2 March 2018

Council continues push to stamp out graffiti vandalism

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk is today calling on residents to be Brisbane’s eyes in the suburbs as Council continues its campaign to crack down on graffiti vandalism across the city.

Launching this year’s Taskforce Against Graffiti campaign today, Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said graffiti vandalism on public infrastructure was costing the city millions in repairs each year, diverting funds away from other community facilities and programs.

“Brisbane is known for its clean, green and sustainable lifestyle, but unfortunately there are a small number of people who choose to rubbish our great lifestyle and damage our much-loved community facilities,” Cr Quirk said.

“Last year alone, Council spent more than $4 million removing more than 73,000 graffiti tags and repairing infrastructure damaged by vandalism.

“While the number of tags identified in 2017 has reduced compared with the year before, Council is still forced to spend millions of ratepayer funds which could be better-spent on other initiatives to benefit ratepayers.”

Cr Quirk said Council was continuing to crack down on graffiti vandalism; ensuring offenders were caught and made to pay for their crimes. 

“Last year, 104 vandals were charged with 3,498 charges and Council continues to record tags that are used as evidence by police,” he said.

“We are a city that embraces street art and public murals, but we are committed to putting a stop to graffiti painted on private or public property without approval.

“We have 11 graffiti management teams out across our city every day, keeping public spaces graffiti-free using tip-offs from residents and working with businesses and private property owners to remove graffiti.

“Residents play a critical role in reporting instances of graffiti so Council can respond quickly and effectively, and I am calling on residents to pick up the phone and report instances of graffiti in their local communities.” 

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