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Speed awareness campaign puts brakes on Brisbane drivers

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Speed awareness campaign puts brakes on Brisbane drivers

Brisbane City Council data released today reveals that more than 100 speed awareness signs, located in speeding hotspots across the suburbs, were putting the brakes on Brisbane drivers.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said that motorists were slowing down in response to Council’s “Slow for SAM” speed awareness campaign, which was designed to boost pedestrian and motorist safety.

“Council is committed to tackling congestion and boosting safety on our roads, and raising awareness to slow down speeding vehicles is helping keep Brisbane’s suburban streets safer,” Cr Quirk said.

“Results taken over a one-month period in February this year show that nearly half of all motorists are reducing their speed to below the limit as a result of Council’s flashing speed awareness signs.

“Unfortunately, results still show that as many as 16 per cent of vehicles passing the signs are travelling above the speed limit, however, 45 per cent of these motorists reduced their speed to below the limit after they were alerted by our flashing signs.

“This data shows that lead-footed motorists are slowing down by an average of 8 kilometres per hour within seconds of being alerted to their speed by the signs and even those travelling under the limit have reduced their speed in response to the flashing signs.

“Council has invested $6.7 million into this program over five years and now 100 individual signs have rotated to close to 1,000 different sites across the suburbs.”

Infrastructure Chairman Cr Amanda Cooper said Council had received positive community feedback about the enhanced signage, which was installed in January.

“The ‘Slow for SAM’ campaign has become a discussion point, particularly in school communities, and is helping to raise awareness and reward positive motorist behaviour,” Cr Cooper said.

“The flashing response to oncoming vehicles greets motorists with a smile if they are travelling at or below the speed limit or a SLOW DOWN message if they are travelling too fast.

“Locations for these solar-powered signs, which are regularly rotated to new locations for maximum impact, are chosen based on known speeding locations, rat running routes and busy neighbourhoods.

“The high-impact signs stay in place for at least one month to allow the speed warning signs to raise awareness with motorists regularly using the roads, so as to provide a positive effect on motorist behaviour and are rotated to other speeding hotspots.”

For more information about Council’s ‘Slow for SAM’ campaign, visit or call Council on (07) 3403 8888.

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